What’s That Noise Coming from My Water Pipes?

Have you ever been disturbed by strange noises coming from your water pipes? Does it sound like a gurgling, banging, or humming noise? You may be wondering why your pipes are making such odd noises. In this post, we will look at what could be causing the noises and how to fix them.

Trapped Air In Your Pipes

One of the most common causes of noisy water pipes is trapped air in your pipes. Air can become trapped in your pipes when you turn off the faucet and the pressure isn’t released quickly enough. This can cause a loud banging noise as the air escapes through the pipe. If this is happening in your home, you may need to check for any blockages in your system that could be preventing air from escaping. If you don’t find any blockages, then you should adjust the pressure valve or install an air chamber to help relieve pressure and stop the banging noise.

Water Pressure Issues

If you have higher than normal water pressure in your home, it can also cause noisy water pipes. High water pressure means that there is too much force going through your plumbing system which can lead to loud hammering noises as well as leaks due to wear and tear on your pipes. To fix this issue, you should have a plumber come out and install a pressure regulator which will help reduce the amount of force going through your plumbing system.

Loose Pipe Connections

Another possible cause of noisy water pipelines is loose pipe connections which can lead to vibrations or rattling sounds when the water is running through them. To fix this issue, all you need to do is tighten up any loose pipe fittings with a wrench or pliers so they are secure again. It’s also important to make sure that any joints between two different types of material (such as copper and PVC) are properly sealed with Teflon tape or pipe thread compound so there are no gaps where air can escape and create an annoying whistling sound.

Noisy water pipes can be annoying but luckily there are some easy fixes for them if you know what’s causing them in the first place! Trapped air, high water pressure, and loose pipe connections are all common culprits behind strange noises coming from your plumbing system. If none of these solutions work for you then it might be time to call Rooter Man of NJ who can take a look at what’s going on and recommend further steps for fixing it up!