Need a plumber now? Rooter-Man, a family-owned plumbing service, has been in operation for over 50 years. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can handle any service and ensure it is completed to the highest standard.

Our friendly team of local Hunterdon County plumbing service experts will diagnose your problem quickly and provide quality installs or repairs at an affordable price.

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Are you in need of a plumber? With a history of over 50 years, Rooter-Man is a family-owned plumbing service. Our experience and proficiency allow us to complete any job correctly.

Our friendly team of local Hunterdon County plumbing service experts will diagnose your problem quickly and provide quality installs or repairs at an affordable price.

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Plumbing Services In Hunterdon County NJ

Rooter-Man Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is the preferred plumber for businesses and homeowners in New Jersey. Why? Our team of polite, friendly, affordable professionals offer efficient plumbing solutions which exceed our clients’ expectations! We treat our work seriously by:

  • Being on time with every visit
  • Being licensed experts in all aspects of plumbing
  • Assuring high-quality workmanship
  • Going beyond their normal duties

With Rooter-Man’s certified plumbers on the job, you can trust that your work will be done right, allowing you to return to your normal routine with peace of mind.


Rooter-Man plumbing technicians are ready and able to offer professional services when you need them the most. Our team is on call 24/7 to help you, no matter how straightforward or complex the issue may be. We’ll arrive promptly to assess the plumbing issue and fix it quickly.

Plumber Services Near Me?

Our goal is to provide you with service that is worry-free and solutions that are customized to your needs and budget. Our local plumbing technicians will work hard on every job to make sure it is completed to the highest standards from start to finish.

If you’re in Hunterdon County and looking for “plumber services near me”, give us a call to schedule a same-day appointment – CALL NOW.

Serving all of Hunterdon County including: Annandale, Asbury, Baptistown, Bloomsbury, Califon, Clinton, Flemington, Frenchtown, Glen Gardner, Hampton, High Bridge, Lambertville, Lebanon, Milford, Oldwick, Pittstown, Pottersville, Quakertown, Readington, Ringoes, Rosemont, Sergeantsville, Stanton, Stockton, Three Bridges, Whitehouse, Whitehouse Station

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24/7 Emergency Plumbers

It’s no surprise that emergencies happen at the most inconvenient of times. Rooter-Man® Plumbing & Drain Cleaning has you covered with our 24/7 emergency plumbing service! Our team will be onsite to take care of whatever needs arise!


Drain Cleaning / Clogged Drains

When you have a clogged drain, toilet, sink, or main drain - Rooter-Man is here for you! We have over 50 years experience and can handle any type or size problem with fast service that's guaranteed! Our qualified professionals are available 24/7 so call us now when your drain becomes clogged.


Water Damage Restoration Service

From leaking pipes to flooding - any type of water damage can be devastating to your home or business. Rooter-Man water damage technicians have the experience and tools needed to mitigate water problems fast and cost-efficient. Don't wait any longer to fix the problem!


Pipe Repairs

Rooter-Man provides all kinds of pipe repair and installation services. From leaking pipes, broken ones to new installations when needed we're there for you!


Toilet Repair & Installation

Rooter-Man specializes in repairing, installing and maintaining all types of toilets. Sometimes we take our toilet for granted until something goes wrong with it - then they can be a problem! Rooter-Man's trained plumbing technicians can fix and replace most toilet problems!


Water Jetting

Rooter-Man offers affordable water jetting services that can immediately clear your drain lines of any obstruction. With high pressure, this service blasts away the sediment buildup caused by grease and other particles to make sure you're not dealing with clogged drains or slow draining anymore!


Sewer Line & Pipe Inspections

Sewer line inspections and pipe camera inspections are the new way to check your home or business's pipes. This method of inspection can be used for small diameter plumbing systems, which saves time and money when compared with traditional methods like digging up ground surfaces that might have been previously occupied by other utilities (such as electric lines).


Sewer Pump Repair & Installation

Sewer Ejector Pump services? Rooter-Man has you covered! We offer installation, inspection or repair for all sorts of sewer pumps. Whether it be residential homes or commercial buildings you will benefit from our service. There's no job too big (or small) because we're available 24/7 all year long.


Leak Detection Services

Fixing a leaky faucet or toilet is fairly straightforward. But not all water leaks are so manageable! Buried pipes can introduce unique challenges to your home, especially if they're hidden inside walls! You'll need Rooter-Man's professional help to find and fix the leak before it gets worse!


Sump Pumps

The Rooter-Man team has over 50 years of experience in the industry. We specialize not only with installation, maintenance and repair but also offer sump pump systems to fit any need!


Garbage Disposals

When your garbage disposal stops working, it can be frustrating. Luckily we're here to help! We provide a variety of services that will get you back up and running including unclogging sewer lines or installing new disposals if needed - just give us a call today so our team knows what needs to be done the first time around.


Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Have you been experiencing sewer line problems in your home or business? If so, Rooter-Man has the solution! Our experienced technicians can replace and repair any damaged pipes to ensure that soil contamination does not occur. We have over 50 years of experience with state-of-the-art equipment for fast repairs.




In the plumbing business, experience matters. Our team of certified plumbers has successfully resolved countless emergencies. When you choose Rooter Man of NJ, you're choosing expertise, reliability, and peace of mind.





Proudly Serving Hunterdon County, New Jersey

You can always expect the best service from Rooter-Man. We specialize in all types of plumbing services for residential and commercial properties, so whether you need a simple repair or something more extensive we can take care of it! Your satisfaction is our top priority! We have technicians who can do any type of job and they’re all certified, so don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment. We know you want your home’s plumbing to perform the way it should, and not cause flooding damage inside. That is why we guarantee quality workmanship so that when our team finishes installing any new or replacement equipment; not only will all parts function as designed but also last longer than expected!

No matter how big or small a task is given Rooter-Man will take care of them quickly without sacrificing workmanship which makes us the ideal choice if you need our help!

Our expert plumbers can handle anything from clogged drains and sewer line inspections right up through major renovations such as water restoration and mold remediation.

Annandale, Asbury, Baptistown, Bloomsbury, Califon, Clinton, Flemington, Frenchtown, Glen Gardner, Hampton, High Bridge, Lambertville, Lebanon, Milford, Oldwick, Pittstown, Pottersville, Quakertown, Readington, Ringoes, Rosemont, Sergeantsville, Stanton, Stockton, Three Bridges, Whitehouse, Whitehouse Station

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Why Rooter-Man Hunterdon County, NJ Plumber Services?

What Are Plumbing Services?

You will need to find out what plumbers can offer to your home or business residence if you’re in the market for a service. They can provide the repair of drains, services, water supply repair and maintenance, as well as plumbing emergencies.

Plumbers who fix and repair your plumbing problems

If you live in a home it is recommended to hire the services of a repair and service plumber to ensure your water system functions correctly. Plumbing problems can be costly and could cause mold, the rot of other problems if they are not addressed promptly. Your family will be helped with a service or repair plumber to make sure that the plumbing system in your home is operating well.

Repair and service plumbers are skilled with the process of solving issues and are able to handle repairs that are simple in addition to more complicated plumbing issues. In general, they come in to solve plumbing problems which are related to pipes, toilets, and drains. The most common jobs that service and repair plumbers perform include adjusting reduced pressure, eliminating obstructions and leaks. They are also able to install pipes.

Water is essential to most people to work properly. It is the reason plumbers can be a necessity for your home. They not only have the ability to repair plumbing problems, they can also assist you to keep your house in top condition.

Plumbing specialists can focus on a particular aspect of a plumbing system, such as dishwashers, heating systems, or sinks. Additionally, they can provide services in the event of an emergency.

Most often, commercial and residential plumbers have been trained to deal the plumbing issues in residences and homes, however they can have to undertake larger plumbing tasks on larger facilities. Commercial plumbers are more acquainted with larger plumbing systems, as well as having more experience in the installation, maintenance as well as the elimination of debris.

Alongside plumbing and fixing pipes, plumbers take on to clean them and keeping them in good condition. Plumbers are typically hired by homeowners to perform routine maintenance. It’s important to ensure you’re working with an insurance agency that will protect your home.

The majority of plumbers need to pass a state-wide exam to receive a permit. They must also carry workers‘ compensation insurance. You should choose an experienced plumber and that offers regular maintenance. A good plumber will provide excellent customer service and will be able to advise you regarding what you should take care of.

Water supply plumbers

A plumber for water supply can offer many plumbing services. They will establish, check the system, fix, or maintain the house’s water supply. They can also help prevent using chemical water treatment.

Water supply systems are complex systems of fittings and pipes that supply clean and reliable water for buildings. It is maintained by plumbers who remove waste water from the pipes. Certain plumbers are experts in certain parts of the plumbing trade. As an example, they could set up a natural gas line or the fire sprinkler system.

The first step in repairing an existing water main is to get in touch with the local utility provider. It will help you decide how much water your residence can utilize effectively. If you are located in an area prone to drought, you could require a reduction in your usage of water. If your water service does not have the ability to respond to your questions, it is an ideal time to get a specialist.

Another vital aspect of water system that is important is the level of pressure can be handled by it. There could be dampness in the home because it’s not capable of delivering enough water. A broken main could also lead to the water being dirty.

Whether you need a new water tank, or you want to repair the faucet in your bathroom, you can trust a licensed plumber who can meet your demands. Plumbers can also assist to make any other improvements for your home.

Plumbers handle water, heating, and drainage systems to keep your office or home running through. Their work may include fixing leaky faucets, installing water softener or drainage system is functioning properly.

The job of plumbers in the water supply industry includes the repair and installation of water tanks, and the other systems for water supply. They are responsible for fixing any leaks, making connections to mains to tanks while also the fitting of outlets for tanks.

There are numerous plumbers to pick from. Depending on your needs then you may want to employ a commercial and commercial plumbing professional. Residential plumbers can work independently or with apprentices. Commercial plumbers on the contrary, are more skilled and possess the knowledge to finish more complex jobs.

Drain plumbers

A plumber is not an undesirable option, especially in the case of keeping your home running smoothly. They are able to maintain your plumbing fixtures, put in new plumbing or even change old toilets by modern, more efficient models. You can, for instance, get a drain cleaning service to deal with any obstruction you might experience. It’s a good option to cut costs on plumbing repairs.

One of the most important duties that a plumber is expected to be responsible for is cleaning your sinks and toilets. It is the simplest option calling the professionals, however, it’s also a good idea to educate yourself on what to expect from a reliable plumber. If you’re searching for an experienced plumber that is located in Brooklyn, NY, be sure to visit the Better Business Bureau before you choose a plumbing service.

The result could be damaged sewer lines and a clogged toilet or even a damaged water heater if you don’t have enough knowledge about plumbing. Your headache can be avoided by finding the perfect plumber for you. The professionals they employ are able to complete their job in a speedy and professional way, assuring that you don’t have to deal with another plumbing nightmare for the rest of your life. In addition to repairing or replacing your existing water heater, they are able to install a new one, install new piping and replace leaky pipes and many other things. It is also possible to have them examine your sewer system to assure that your home or company is in excellent condition. Make sure to ask them for the best method to clear your drains, and it will be a pleasure. If you are thinking of selling your house and are planning to sell it in the near future making sure that your septic tank is assessed by an expert is the best option. An efficient septic system is an investment that can pay dividends in the long-term.

Emergency plumber

If you’re experiencing an issue with your plumbing It is essential that you call an emergency plumber. They are trained to solve any plumbing problem that may be arising. The plumber will arrive quickly at your residence or place of business at any point of the evening or day.

Emergency Plumber Cabramatta is certified, skilled and equipped to handle every plumbing issue. The plumber will show up at your home or office with the least amount of the time. The professionals are equipped with everything needed for resolving the issue. In addition, they will complete the task as fast as they are able, and assure that your home will be clean and tidy again.

The leaky pipe fixed as quickly as you can. It can result in damage to the flooring, carpet as well as fixtures. If you also have unblockage in the drain, an emergency plumber must remove the obstruction. A Cabramatta emergency plumber can do the job right and quickly.

There are numerous companies located in Cabramatta that offer plumbing services. The easiest way to find them is by searching online. Ask for written guarantees. Ideally, you should use plumbing professionals who offer the lifetime guarantee for every job.

An emergency plumber in your area is available by phone. Many of them are always available. A reliable plumber should be willing to set up appointments as well as provide an estimate for free.

Help from an expert is available to all plumbing emergencies, which includes the installation of a water supply line, replacing a leaky tap or replacing the roof. The use of an emergency plumber can be the most effective way for dealing with any plumbing emergency. It is important to address any plumbing issue immediately to stop them from getting worse.

A 24 hour emergency service like Service Today is also available. They’ve got an extensive team of plumbers who are skilled throughout the area. They can handle all types of plumbing issues, such as fixing toilet leaks as well as installing heating system.


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