What Not to Flush Down the Toilet

Water is essential for life, and it also happens to be essential for flushing our toilets. Though it may seem like anything can go down the drain, some items should never make their way into your plumbing system. From wipes to feminine hygiene products, there are certain things that will not only damage your pipes but can potentially cause an emergency situation requiring costly repairs. Read on for a list of items you should avoid putting in your toilet at all costs.

Feminine Hygiene Products

It’s important to note that feminine hygiene products such as pads and tampons are not biodegradable and should never be flushed down the toilet. These items will clog pipes and can cause sewage back-ups in your home or even in public sewer systems. It’s best to simply place them in a secure trashcan until they can be disposed of properly.

Wet Wipes and Paper Towels

Despite packaging that reads “flushable,” wet wipes and paper towels should always be thrown in the garbage because they don’t break down like toilet paper does. The material used to make wet wipes is much thicker than ordinary toilet tissue, which means they can accumulate over time in your drain pipes and create a nasty clog. When it comes to these items, it’s better safe than sorry—just put them in the trash!


Things to avoid flushing down your toilet, Cape May, NJ

Hair might seem small enough to flush down the drain, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cause big problems for you later on. Much like wet wipes, hair will accumulate over time in your pipes and eventually cause a huge blockage requiring professional help from a plumber. The best thing you can do is prevent any hair from entering the pipes by using a drain filter or by cleaning up any stray hairs before showering or bathing each day.


Oils & Fats

When oil and fats enter the sewer system, they form thick layers on top of water which can cause blockages and clogs. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to avoid pouring any kind of cooking oils or fats down your sink or toilet. Instead, pour them into a container and throw it away with your regular household waste.

Medications & Vitamins

Flushing medications and vitamins can have serious consequences for our environment because these compounds often contain chemicals which contaminate our water supply. For example, hormones from birth control pills can end up in fish populations, causing them to develop abnormalities or even change gender! In order to dispose of medications properly, take them back to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

Cotton Swabs & Cotton Balls

Cotton swabs and cotton balls make their way into plumbing systems more than you might think. These absorbent materials do not break down easily and often collect other items like hair along their journey through pipes. This can lead to a dangerous blockage in your plumbing system, so try using an alternative method of disposal for these products.

Cigarette Butts & Cigarette Filters

Although it might seem convenient to toss cigarette butts into the toilet after use, this is highly discouraged by  The filters on cigarettes are made of synthetic plastic material which does not break down easily when exposed to water or other liquids. This means they will remain in your plumbing system and eventually lead to major blockages or clogs if enough build up over time. Instead of throwing them into your toilet, consider putting them into a sealed container before disposing of them with your regular trash pickup.

Keep this guide handy as you use your plumbing system so that you can always remember what not to flush down the toilet! By avoiding flushing certain items such as feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, paper towels, and hair, you can help keep your plumbing functioning properly without having to worry about expensive repairs due to an unexpected clog or back-up. Taking care of what goes into your plumbing system is key when it comes to keeping it functioning optimally!